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District e-Governance Society (DeGS)


The primary objective of the Ukhrul District e-Governance Society (UDeGS) is to administer the implementation or e-Governance projects for the overall benefit of the citizens and public by setting up the necessary administrative, financial, legal and technical framework implementation mechanism and resources in the Ukhrul District. It will facilitate establishment of service centre through the society as a innovative way of providing public facilitation and citizen services.

Functions of UDeGS include:

1.To take all necessary steps to promote efficiency, reduce delays enhance accountability, transparency and objectivity in the functioning of the Government.

2.To assist the Department of IT in formulating and implementation a policies procedure guidelines and e-Governance through various Government departments and agencies for improvement of citizen services. To promote and disseminate Information Technology culture in the Ukhrul District so that the common man could avail the benefit of information technology and e-Governance.

3.To administrate the implementation of e-Governance projects for ensuring use of Information Technology of masses. To lay down the necessary administrative, financial legal and technical framework and resources for the It enabled Citizen Services.

4. List and priorities the areas for Citizen Services in consultation with the concerned Departments and take all steps for improving Citizen Services to the use of IT. To facilitate implementation of Citizen Charters framed by the other departments through the use of e-Governance and IT as a tool.

5.To workout revenue models and modalities for providing Citizen Services through the use of IT on a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model for its self-sustainability and to encourage private sector initiative in IT related infrastructure and services. This would include working out all, commercial modalities and revenue model including Franchise Model in citizen services.

6. To collect revenue and to issue receipts on behalf of the various Departments. Such receipts shall have same legal validity as if it were an actual receipt issued by the concerned department and transfer the revenue collected to the concerned departments or to authorize a suitable authority, committee, sub-committee or society for these purposes on behalf of the e-Governance Society.

7. To establish and make available connectivity and access to Information through Internet, Internet, LAN, MAN, WAN, E-Mail, Web Servers and Web sites, VSAT and other modes of Communication or nay other form of connectivity and regulate their use. To facilitate a comprehensive State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and a State Telecom Network for al the Government Departments, Institutions, and agencies.