District Administrative Structure

The Official Website of Ukhrul District, Manipur.



Deputy Commissioner is the head of administration in the district (currently including Kamjong District).The district is sub-divided into the following Sub-Divisions or Blocks for convenience of administration.

Administrative Setup

Rural Development
Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul
Sub-Divisional Offices
  • Ukhrul
  • Chingai
  • Kamjong (Now under Kamjong District)
  • Phungyar (Now under Kamjong District)
  • Kasom Khullen (Now under Kamjong Dist.)
  • Jessami
  • Sahamphung(Now under Kamjong Dist.)
Law and Order
Superintendent of Police (SP), Ukhrul
SDPO, Chingai
SDPO, Jesami
SDPO, Ukhrul
Ukhrul, Litan, Somdal, Shangshak
Superintendent of Police
1 No.
Police Station
9 Nos.


Block Development Offices
  • Ukhrul
  • Chingai
  • Kamjong(Now under Kamjong District)
  • Phungyar(Now under Kamjong District)
  • Kasom Khullen(Now under Kamjong Dist.)
  • Lungchong Maiphei
  • Jessami
  • Sahamphung(Now under Kamjong Dist.)
Autonomous District Council
Chairman 1
Vice Chairman 1
Chairman, Finance Committee 1
Executive Member 7
Total Members 24