The Official Website of Ukhrul District, Manipur.

District e-Governance Society (DeGS)

The primary objective of the Ukhrul District e-Governance Society (UDeGS) is to administer the implementation or e-Governance projects for the overall benefit of the citizens and public by setting up the necessary administrative, financial, legal and technical framework implementation mechanism and resources in the Ukhrul District.

Common Service Centre (CSC)

The Government of India’s National e-Governance Plan has a clear vision: to deliver, and make accessible all Government, Social and Private Sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking and financial services, utility payments, etc. to the citizens at an affordable cost. With this intent, the Common Services Centres (CSCs) were conceptualized in May 2006, as the front end service delivery outlets enabling smooth and transparent governance at the village level.


The Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Midday Meal Scheme is the popular name for school meal programme in India which started in the 1960s. It involves provision of lunch free of working days. The key objectives of the programme are: protecting children from classroom hunger, increasing school enrollment and attendance, improved socialization among children belonging to all castes, addressing malnutrition, and social empowerment through provision of employment to women. In order to bring transparent governance and commodities related with the Scheme reaches the beneficiaries in time, DC Ukhrul has come up with a solution of VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) using GPS tracking device that reads its own position via GPS satellites. Depending on the communication technology of the tracking device, this information is sent either to one of four communication satellites covering the whole world, or to a cellular network. The information is then transmitted to the GlobalTrack servers where it is processed.