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NGOs in Ukhrul District and their Contributions




Name of N.G.O.

Area of operation and address Activities Registration No. Name of Officer & Contact No
1 Backward Area Development Organisation (BADO) Ukhrul District Leingangching Litan P.S. Vocational Trg. Prog. Under DONERS No. 194/UD/SR-1992 Z. Chosen Secretary
2 Shield De Addiction Cum Rehabilitation Centre Khaivatang, Dungrei Hungpung,Ukhrul-795142 De-Addiction of Drugs No. 53/UD/SR/2012

Pamthing Keishing, Founder



3 Citizens' Alliance for Re- Empowerment (CARE) Ukhrul District Viewland Zone-1, Ukhrul Drugs & HIV/AIDS. No.63/UD/SR 2004

Leisan C. Chief Functionary


4 Community for Alternative Rural environment Ukhrul District Kamjong Block Mashangva House Deulaland, Imphal Primary Education No. 28/UD/SR-1998

Samson Khodang Secretary

9436087195, 9612502638, 9612562637

5 Development & Empowerment of Adolosent Ukhrul District Horticulture No.62/US/SR 1991
6 Development of Eco & Egological Awareness Soceity Ukhrul District Viewland, Ukhrul Eradication of AIDS/HIV No.13/UD/SR 1999 Cheif Funtionary
7 EXODUS The success Journey Ukhrul District, Near PWD Office, Ukhrul Free Coaching for ST/MOBC Students No. 113/UD/SR 2007 Wungramthan Shongza
8 High Hill Dev. Co-operation. Ukhrul District Upliftment of Primary School; No.124/(UD)SR 2003 Ashang Kasar, Chairman
9 Kaphung Reisang Long Ukhrul District, Sangmayang Tang Ukhrul Community Care Centre (CCC) No.192/M/SR 2001

Reisang Shinglai, Secretary


10 Manipr Dev. Agency Ukhrul District Muirei, Yaingangpokpi. SPO-Litan Development & Productive Activities No.190/UD/SR 1992

Martin Muivah, Secretary

03870-265538, 9436298258

11 Organisation for the Marginalised (OM) Ukhrul District Evergreen House Viewland, Ukhrul Contn. Of Ru- Life Transforming Centre Complex No. 27/UD/SR 1998 Themreingam A. Shishak
12 Participatory Action For Sustainable Dev. Organisation (PADSO) Ukhrul District AIDS/HIV Prevention 9436032236, 9436674257 Mrs. H. Thotchuila, Executive Secretary
13 Peace Sponsoring Soceity (PSS) Manipur R.Khunthak Kassom Khullen Eradication of Drug & HIV/AIDS No.13/UD/SR 1998 Mr.T.Tuithing, Secretary
14 People Action for Rural Dev. Association (PARDA) Ukhrul District Hamleikhong, Ukhrul Dist. Socio Economic Edn. Health & Environment No.126/UD/SR/1992

Mr.V. Tuimi Lolly, Secretary


15 Raphei Area Self-Help Initiative Development Orgainsation (RASHIDO) Ukhrul District JCP Junction Ngahui Horticultural Activities No. 31/UD/SR-1997

K. Tuisem Secretary


16 Rural Community Development Centre Ukhrul District Alungtang, Ukhrul Awareness of AIDS/HIV
17 Rural Economy Resource Upliftment Soceity Ukhrul District, Tallui Village Smt. Ayao Vashum, Secretary
18 Society for Development of Alternative in Tribal Area Manipur (SDATA) Ukhrul District Connecting all Village in Ukhrul Dist. Through internet Connectivity. No.49/SR/UD 1992 Apam Horam, Co-ordinator
19 Society for Development of Child Labour Ukhrul District Kamphasontang, Ukhrul Schooling for Child Labour No. 28/UD/SR-1997

Alstont Shimray Chairman


20 The Border Area Development Agency Indo-Myanmar Border Area-Ukhrul, Kamjong Various Development Activities No. 188/UD/SR-1992

P. Theingai Chairman

9436666438, 9402057513

21 The Kachai Fruit Farming & Processing Co-opt. Society Ltd. Ukhrul District Kachai Village Horticultural & Food Processing Activities No. 6/UD/SR-1975 K. Thishak Chairman
22 Ukhrul Dist. Community Resource Management Society(UDCRMS) Ukhrul District Hamleikhong, Ukhrul Dist. Agriculture Productive Activities

Mr.Tychicus Vashum, Project Manager


23 Volenteers for Village Development (VVD) Ukhrul District, VVD Trg. Centre Village Dev. Activities No. 4343 of 1982 Tennyson Kazingmei, Executive Director
24 North East Border Area Development Organisation(NEBADO) Kashung Bungtung, Nambashi Khullen, Ukhrul District. Farming, Plantation, Sanitation, Water Management etc 516/ID of 1988 (M)

Mr. Paisho Keishing



25 Ukhrul District Women Institute of Micro-Credit (UDWIM) Ukhrul District. Viewland Zone III, Ukhrul District. Micro-Credit Support to Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) 73/UD/SR/2007-08

Ringyuichon Vashum, Member Secretary/Credit Manager