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Geography of Ukhrul


Ukhrul District (currently including Kamjong District) is bounded by Myanmar in the East, Chandel District in the South, Imphal East and Senapati Districts in the West and Nagaland State in the North. The terrain of the district is hilly with a varying heights of 913 m to 3114 m (MSL). The district HQ. Ukhrul is linked with Imphal, the state capital by a NH 150 about 84 Km. By ordinary passenger bus it takes about 3 hours

The climate of the district is of temperate nature with a minimum and maximum degrees of 30 C to 330 C. The average annual rainfall is 1,763.7 mm (1991).
The exact location of the district in the globe is 240 N - 25.410 N and 940 E - 94.470 E. The rainy season in the district is from May to beginning of October broadly but Winter is chilly.The highest peak is the Khayang peak-3114 m (MSL), though the more popularly know peak is the Shirui Kashung Peak - 2,835 m (MSL).

Ukhrul, the District HQ, is 2,020 m (MSL). Most of the major rivers originate from the crevices and slopes of this Shirui Peak. The terrain of the district is rippled with small ranges and striped by few rivers
  Climate Maximum: 330C Minimum: 30C
Location Latitude: 240 N - 25.410 N Longitude: 940 E - 94.470 E
Highest Peak Khayang Peak with 3114 m from sea level
Popular Peak Shirui Kashung Peak with 2835 m from sea level
Rainfall Average Annual rainfall of 1763.7 mm
Popular Flower Shirui Lily (Lilium mackliniae), the State Flower of Manipur
Hill Ranges Somrah-Angkoching
Land :
Sl. No
Category Area (Ha) % To the total District Area
Settlement 6569.1 1.45
Agricultural Land 9675.02 2.13
Forest Cover 288330.98 63.45
Land with /without scrub 148347.82 32.65
Others 4077.08 0.9  
Rivers :-

Maklang and Tuyeng are the important rivers for Kasom Khullen and Kamjong Sub- division. The Thoubal river starts from the district and run through the Ukhrul North and Ukhrul central sub-divisions. It is the longest and biggest river in the district.Chammu and chingai rivers are running through Ukhrul North Sub-division. These rivers are not useful for transportation as the current of the rivers are very stong and wild during the rainy season and very thin during winter. They are useful for fishing and irrigation.

Climate and Rainfall :-

The whole district is having the monsoon type of climate. As the district headquarter lies on the top of the high hills it is very cold throughout the year. It is always covered by the clouds. Regarding weather of the district Headquarter, the sudden changes of the position of cloud are openly seen within a few moments. but in other places outside the district Headquarter, it is hot in summer and very cold in winter. However, the whole district is having a moderate temperature. The hill range that lies in the district Headquarter Ukhrul Central sub-division has got very cold climate in winter while other parts of the vast hilly areas of the district have got moderate climate throughout the year. The coldest months of the district are December and January. During this period, the temperature at the Ukhrul district head-quarter uses to come down 30C and even 00C.

Agriculture :

An Area of 22,000 hectares of the district is under cultivation. Rice, Maize, Potato, Pulse, Cabbage, Leafy vegetable, chillies, Groundnuts etc. are the main agricultural products. Banana, sugarcane, fruits like lemon and orange are also planted. Plantation of cotton is also done for their domestic consumption.