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Places to Visit

Shirui Kashung Peak

Shirui Peak

The more popularly know peak is the Shirui Kashung Peak - 2835 m from the sea level. Most of the major rivers originate from the crevices and slopes of this Shirui Peak.Shirui is 18 kms from Ukhrul and 97 kms. from Imphal.It is the home of world famous Shirui (Siroy) Lily (Lilium Mackliniae).The name Shirui Lily originates from a British Botanist named F. Kingdom Ward who in 1948 discovered the uniqueness of the lily flower.The local name of the flower is Kashong Timrawon. According to local legends the Kashong Timrawon is also a protective spirit which resides on the now called Shirui Peak. The ordinary looking Shirui lily blossoms on the hilltop, during May - June.


Hundung Mova Cave

Mangva Cave

The Mova cave is a limestone cave which can be reached after a detour before reaching Ukhrul. It is situated near the now-defunct cement factory and Lungshang Kong/river in a small hamlet called Hungpung. The main hall of the cave can assemble over 100 odd people. Some distance from the cave is a steep solid rock mountain which is believed to be the male partner of the cave, according to the local myth.


Phangrei Picnic Spot


A popular picnic spot of the locals and also frequented by tourists, Phangrei is one of the picturesque tourist spot in Ukhrul. Phangrei also joints the Shirui Hills.  It is about 22 kms from Ukhrul.

Duncan Park

Duncan Park

An ecological park set up by the local government, Duncan Park is one of the famous picnic spot in Ukhrul Town. Situated in Somsai Area, it is about 15 minutes’ drive from the main Town area. It is situated in the natural environments which provide great opportunities for being free from tension and stress modern of day to day life.


Shangshak War Memorial

Shanshak War

Shangshak witnessed one of the fiercest battles between the invading Japanese troops and the Allied Force during the World War-II. Popularly known as “The Battle of Shangshak”, the clash took place in the mountainous terrain for a week from March 26 1944. The Shangshak War Memorial was constructed in 2002 to commemorate this and the role of those who fought in the battle of Shangshak, along with the locals who supported the troops.


Khangkhui Mangsor Cave


khangkhuimapIt is located about 15 km east of Ukhrul. Since the cave is located within the area of Kangkhui village. It is generally known as Kangkhui cave(Mangsor). It comprises of two large chambers and five tunnels.The Khangkhui mangsor (cave) is one of the wonders of nature. Many legends and folklores are associated with Mangsor Cave tells of the deity of Mangsor as a very powerful spirit who is benevolent and romantic. He had two wives. The first wife hailed from Shirui peak and had no issue and the second wife was from Koubru hills of Senapati District. One chamber each was allotted to both the wives, the better and bigger one to the first wife and lesser but more rooms to the second wife, implying that she had issues. Khangkhui Cave is a remarkable natural lime- stone cave. The big hall in the cave is the darbar hall of the Devil King living deep inside while the northern hall is the royal bedroom, according to another local folklore. During World War II, the villagers sought shelter in this cave.

Longpi Pottery


Longpi pottery or Stone pottery is a traditional craft practised by Longpi Village in Manipur, India. A single village of 400 houses in the district Ukhrul North – East Manipur, with perhaps just 200 artisans plying the craft, is the nerve centre of Longpi earthenware. Tourist can have the opportunity to visit the village and witness the pottery – making process.


Saline Springs at Razai Kl. And Kn., Marem, Maranphung


Saline water well at Maremphung village. Villagers use to prepare salt by heating the water taken from this well.


Nillai Tea Estate on the way to Tolloi

Tea Estate

Nillai Tea estate is located in Talui village one of the biggest in Ukhrul district. The tea estate specialises in green tea and is hugely popular too. The tea grown here is hand-plucked and sun dried enriching the medicinal qualities of the tea leaves. The natural processing is highly valued by the locals and is becoming a hit in the market too. The unique feature of the tea grown here is that the real flavour comes out after is boiled a second a second time.

Sirarakhong Chilli


Kachai Lemon


Khayang Teluelue Waterfall


Khayang peak, 3114 m from the sea level is the highest peak of the region.