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Shirui Festival Official Site
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Election Notification on Shifted/Expired Voters of 43-Phungyar & 45-Chingai AC
Letter regarding issuance of certificates through online mode
Notification on Biometric attendance to re-register the fingerprint of employees
Order on bifurcation of Sorbung Fair Price Shop as Sorbung FPS and Sorde FPS
Appointment Order of H. Ringphang as Sorde FPS Agent
Ukhrul District HQ Celebrates 69th Republic Day 2018
Notice to all DLOs of Ukhrul to submit the full list of employees with remark of their work places"
Interview scheduled for PMEGP-2017-18 in respect of Ukhrul district on 6th and 7th, December, 2017 "
Notification for District Level Quiz Competition on the theme, "Engaging and bringing awareness on electoral matters among future voters"
Model MCQ questions for the District Level Quiz Competition
Notice Inviting applications for VLEship under CSC2.0 scheme
Vision document in respect of Ukhrul District to be achieved by 2022
ORDER: To observe cleanliness day at all DLOs of Ukhrul on 11th Aug, 2017
Notice on weekly schedule for issue of forms at Transport office for smart card driving license
Orders to VLEs of CSCs to display boards of the rate charts of the services being provided
Results of the Interview held on 12/07/2017 for the Post of District Managers
Notification for undergoing PG Diploma course in Mulberry/Non Mulberry for 15 months
Revised shortlisted candidates for the post of District Manager and schedule of their Personal Interview
Notification - Training of all BLOs of Ukhrul on 4/07/2017 on Electors Enrolment Special Drive
Notice - awareness and sensitization meeting on PMAY-G, Phungyar Block
Action to prevent violation of Aadhaar Act 2016 and IT Act 2000
Issuance of certificates through online
Issuance of certificates through online-Annexure
Notice to submit full employee list
Notification on Expansion of road from Hungpung Junction-Hoomi Village
Notification on Expansion of road from Hungpung Junction-Hoomi Village: Annexure-I
Notification on Expansion of road from Hungpung Junction-Hoomi Village: Annexure-II
Notification on Rehabilitation and Resettlement for development of NH-202
Rehabilitation and resettlement scheme in respect of land acquisition for developing double lane from Hundung to Finch Corner on Ukhrul- Imphal road [pdf]
Annexure to Rehabilitation and resettlement scheme for development of NH-202
Show Cause Notice to those officers who failed to attend DLO meetings
Proceedings of DLOs Meeting held on 10 Jan 2017
Appointment of nodal officers for various works for the upcoming 11th MLA Election-2017
Formation of District Control Room for the upcoming 11th MLA Election-2017
Claims & Objections invited from general public for SSR Electoral Rolls-2017
Establishment of ERO and AERO for all ACs of Ukhrul
Recruitment of District Managers for supporting UDeGS under NeGP

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