Nestled at 5,453 ft above sea level. Ukhrul town is home to 75000+ cheerful indigenous Tangkhul Nagas and other non-locals from all walks of life. Headquarter of Ukhrul District, the town is accessible via Imphal by national highway 150 which is about 84 kms, an average 3 hours journey. This highway also links Ukhrul with Kohima Via Jessami.

Ukhruk district enjoys a literacy rate of 81.87% as per the 2011 census. There are more than 250 dialects estimated to be spoken in each and every village, but the lingua franca is the Hunphun (Ukhrul) dialect.

Ukhrul favours a pleasant climate with a minimum and maximum degrees 3°C to 33°C. The average annual rainfall is 1,763.7 mm (1991). Ukhrul has a wet summer and a cold, dry winter. Ukhrul experience rainfall from the month of April to August. October to March is ideal time to visit Ukhrul.

Ukhrul is popular for its festivities which has attracted tourists over the year. The chief festivals include Luira (seed sowing festival), Mangkhap (resting feast), and Thareo (harvest festival). Realising authentic Tangkhul cuisines and showcasing of traditional songs and dance forms the main attraction.

Ukhrul is also best known for the Shirui Lily (Lilium Mackliniae Sealy), which is found in its natural habitat on the peak of Shirui Kashong, some 18km east of the town, and Khangkhui Mangsor cave which lies 16 Kilometers away. Popular parks, peaks and waterfalls dot in and around the place. Duncan park and El Shadai park make ideal picnic spots for tourists. Khayang Waterfalls and Ango Ching, a forest area are still to be traced out by tourists and avid travellers. Lunghar Sihai Phangrei a flat hilly place and Kachouphung Lake are ideal attractions for a leisure stroll. Waterfalls, caves, peaks dot the topography of Ukhrul all of which truly help it to live up to its other name, the Green Town. Other places of interest includes Shingcha Kachui, Mova Cave, Marangphung Saline Spring, Kachai Lemon, Shirarakhong Chillies, Shangshak War Memorial, etc. among many others.

Where you are looking for a new place to backpack in North-East India or explore virgin hill stations locked away in mountain tops, Ukhrul is where you need to be. Shirui Kashong peak is shrouded by a host of lillies, during the May and June. Khangkhui Mangsor Cave and and Mova Cave simply interests those who have an eye for archaeology.