Title Date Download/Link
Order on bifurcation of Sorbung Fair Price Shop as Sorbung FPS and Sorde FPS 22/02/2018 Download(210 KB)
Appointment Order of H. Ringphang as Sorde FPS Agent 22/02/2018 Download(159 KB)
Notice to all DLOs of Ukhrul to submit the full list of employees with remark of their work places 24/01/2018 Download(113 KB)
Notice Inviting applications for VLEship under CSC2.0 scheme 18/08/2017 Download(177 KB)
Vision document in respect of Ukhrul District to be achieved by 2022 16/08/2017 Download(284 KB)
Orders to VLEs of CSCs to display boards of the rate charts of the services being provided 22/07/2017 Download(135 KB)