Ukhrul District Autonomous Council (UADC)

The Ukhrul District Autonomous Council (UADC) was instituted in the year 1971 under the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971. Elections of 24 Members are held every 5 years. 2 Members are nominated by the Govt. of Manipur.garbage

The following are the Executive Members nominated by the Hon’ble Chairman

  1. Kapangpam Zimik, Member 6- Talui DCC
  2. HS.Ngamsung, Member 11- Khamasom DCC
  3. Shri .SP.Mashunngam, Member 13- Shangshak DCC
  4. VL.Khayinghor, Member 14- Teinem DCC
  5. Somimayar Awungshi Member, 21-Shingkap DCC

Administrative Set-up  : The Chief Executive Officer is the Administrative Head of the District Council. UADC has 7 Departments viz (1) Headquarter  (2) Education (3) PWD (4) Small Town Committee (5) Medical (6) Agriculture (&) (7) Veterinary.

Under the Council there are 1318 staff including teachers and 158 schools ranging from Primary Schools to Upper Primary Schools.

Please click here for list of the District Council Constituencies(DCC): List of Ukhrul DCCs


  • Every year the Council deputes Graduate teachers for B.Ed. course and facilitates enrolment of Primary Teachers to undergo the 2 years Diploma in Elementary Education (DE.LED) which is mandatory.
  • Held competitive exams for class V on 7th December, 2017. Citations and incentives were given out to all participants to encourage students. Education related activities are carried out on regular basis to enhance education.
  • Provides text books, teaching/learning aids, furniture, computer sets, sport kits, uniform, Students progress Report Cards free of cost to the schools.
  • Carries out tree plantation and awareness on environment conservation.
  • Collects waste from localities and market places 5 times a week for disposal at designated dumping site with a workforce of 3 Drivers for 3 TATA Tippers and 19 sanitary workers under the supervision of a Sanitary Inspector with the Executive Officer as the Head of Small Town Committee.
  • An OPD is permanently opened at the District Headquarter and medicines are provided free of cost to patients. The Medical Officer and her team conduct camps at far flung villages. The council has 7 dispensaries.
  • An Ambulance and a coffin carrier ( Hearse Van) are available 24×7.
  • A water tanker supplies water to the residents of Ukhrul at a nominal rate.
  • Under Veterinary Department, vaccines are provided and livestocks are treated free of cost. Camps on how to prevent diseases/epidemics are conducted regularly. Currently there are 14 dispensaries in Ukhrul District under the aegis of the Council.
  • In view of the congestion during the festive season of Christmas and inconvenience during road construction at District Headquarter, 30 youths were engaged on payment basis to assist in regulating traffic flow.
  • Various developmental works like improvement of IVR, construction of school buildings, footpath, drainage, suspension bridges, toilets, extension of classrooms, rain water harvest, ponds, meat shops, installation of solar lights, distribution of poultry, seeds & financial assistance to marginalized farmers are undertaken. Encourages and helps in setting up small scale industries.