Tourist Places

Phangrei Picnic Spot
Phangrei Picnic Spot

A popular picnic spot of the locals and also frequented by tourists, Phangrei is one of the picturesque tourist spot…

Hundung Mova Cave
Hundung Mova Cave

The Mova cave is a limestone cave which can be reached after a detour before reaching Ukhrul. It is situated…

Piling up of lemons
Kachai Village

Kachai Village is one of the most scenic village in Ukhrul District. It has a total of 510 houses with…

Khangkhui Cave of Ukhrul district
Khangkhui Mangsor Cave

The Khangkhui Cave, locally called as Khangkhui Mangsor, is essentially a natural limestone cave. Archaeologists have discovered many important artefacts,…

Different shapes of potteries
Longpi (Nungbi) Pottery

Most of the villages of Manipur have distinct features in their pottery, each determined by its colours and designs. It…

Shirui Lily flower
Shirui Hill

The more popularly know peak is the Shirui Kashung Peak – 2835 m from the sea level. Most of the…